Ausgepackt Archiv

Aus Polen kommen diese feinen Resin Zurüstsets in 1:35. Fein detailliert und dauber gegossen. Hauptsächlich Themengebiet WW2.

1:35 Zubehör
RE35-017 Kinn Mantlet for Panther G
RE35-021 Sd.Kfz.9 FAMO Cooler Mask
RE35-041 Panther D Spare Wheels
RE35-048 Jagdpanther (mid) Mantlet
RE35-058 Additional Armor for StuG III Ausf.F
RE35-061 Wheels Set for Boxer
RE35-064 Stowage bin for Tiger I Tank (Kursk)
RE35-065 Browning 0,5cal w/ Canvas Cover
RE35-067 Tiger I late Mantlet w/ cast marks
RE35-069 ML- 20S Barrel with Canvas Cover for JSU-152
RE35-071 Reinforced Mantlet for Panther A/G
RE35-072 FAMO Roadwheels & Sparewheel
RE35-076 7,5cm KwK42 Panther barrel w/ canvas cover
RE35-079 Challenger 2 Roadwheels
RE35-080 StuG III Ausf.G upper hull with concrete armor
RE35-082 Jagdpanzer IV L/70 mantlet
RE35-090 StuG III Ausf.G upper hull and barrel with canvas cover
RE35-098 Idler Wheel for Jagdpanther/Panther (late)
RE35-102 D-10T Barrel with Canvas Cover for T-54/T-55 Tanks
RE35-104 Sand Armor for Panzer IV Ausf.F/G (Africa)
RE35-112 Road Wheels for Sd.Ah.116
RE35-119 Road Wheels for Einheitsdiesel
RE35-124 Jagdpanther roof with canvas
RE35-125 Steel return rollers for StuG III (Pattern A)
RE35-128 Cylindrical Fuel Drums for WWII Soviet Tanks
RE35-131 Drive Wheels for Sd.Kfz.10 & 250 Geländereifen A
RE35-132 Drive Wheels for Sd.Kfz.10 & 250 Zivilreifen
RE35-134 Wheels for FAMO (British Cross country Typ)
RE35-135 Road Wheels with chains for VW Kübelwagen
RE35-137 Cooler Mask with canvas for Einheitsdiesel
RE35-138 Cooler Mask with canvas for Mercedes 4500
RE35-144 Drive Wheels for Sd.Kfz 11 & 251 (Gelände, früh)
RE35-146 Fuel Drums for Soviet KW-1 & KW-2 Tanks (early)
RE35-161 Henschel 33 Cooler mask with Canvas Cover
RE35-162 Büssing NAG 4500 cooler mask with Canvas Cover
RE35-163 Tiger I Stowage Bin (sPzAbt.502 & 503)
RE35-165 Tiger I "strengthen" Mantlet with Cast Mark
RE35-173 Cooler mask with Canvas Cover for Sd.Kfz.7
RE35-174 Cooler mask with Canvas Cover for Sd.Kfz.9 FAMO
RE35-177 Mantlet with canvas cover for StuG III Ausf.B
RE35-181 German AFV 2m standard antenna set
RE35-182 German Command AFV antenna set
RE35-192 GAZ AAA engine deck with winter cover
RE35-193 Fire Extinguishers for German AFV
RE35-203 Road Wheels for Kfz.1 "Stoewer" (early pattern)
RE35-205 Road Wheels for Henschel 33 (Gelände)
RE35-206 Road Wheels for Henschel 33 (Straße)
RE35-208 Wheels for FlaK/Nebelwerfer (Comm.Pattern A)
RE35-215 Sand Armor for Panzerjäger I
RE35-217 Mercedes 1500 engine deck with winter canvas
RE35-218 Ford 917 T engine deck with winter Canvas
RE35-233 Spare Wheels for Sd.Kfz 11 & 251 (Commercial)
RE35-236 Drive Wheels for Sd.Kfz 7 (Late Pattern)
RE35-237 Spare Wheels for Sd.Kfz 10 & 250 (Commercial)
RE35-240 Road Wheels for GAZ-AAA (Omskij Zavod)
RE35-244 Road Wheels for Mercedes 4500 (early pattern)
RE35-249 Spare Road Wheel Tiger I
RE35-259 German WWII Fire Extinguishers (early)
RE35-261 Road Wheels for Bedford QLC (Firestone)
RE35-264 Road Wheels for Humber MkIV (Dunlop)
RE35-266 Schwimmwagen offroad wheels
RE35-269 Road Wheels for Panzer II Ausf.D
RE35-270 StuG IIIG MIAG front/upper armor plates
RE35-284 "Heavy" sand armor for Pz.III (North Africa)
RE35-287 Road wheels for Horch 1a (Zivil)
RE35-289 Road wheels for Horch 15 (zivil)
RE35-292 Road wheels Sd.Kfz.234 (Gelände)
RE35-301 WWII German 20l Canisters Late Pattern
RE35-308 Sd.Kfz 7 Engine deck with canvas cover
RE35-316 Sandbags Armor for StuG III F8 (heavy set)
RE35-326 Burn out wheels for "Panther"
RE35-327 Damage Drive wheels for "Panther"
RE35-332 Ford 3000 Road Wheels (Gelände)
RE35-345 Notek lamp for German AFV
RE35-346 Road wheels for Sd.Kfz 254
RE35-347 German Ammo Boxes for PaK 35/36
RE35-356 Road wheels for Chevrolet LRDG
RE35-367 British ammo boxes for 0,303 ammo (wood pattern)
RE35-370 Damage Drive Wheel for Pz.III (early)
RE35-386 Fennek Wheels
RE35-387 WWII German 50l barrels for antifreeze
RE35-391 ZiS-151 Road Wheels (Moskovskij Zavod)
RE35-403 Road Wheels for Kfz.13 early pattern
RE35-406 Road Wheels for Steyr 1500 commercial pattern
RE35-409 Einheitsdiesel cab canvas cover
RE35-416 Opel Omnibus engine deck with canvas cover
RE35-419 Krupp L3H163 engine deck with canvas cover
RE35-426 Panhard 178 turret with Zeltbahn camouflage net
RE35-433 Panzer II Spare Roadwheels
RE35-437 M1240 M-ATV Roadwheels  
RE35-438 Dingo 2 Roadwheels  
RE35-441 Commander Cupola for Tiger I & II tanks
RE35-457 Hanomag SS100 Road wheels (Fulda)
RE35-462 Kamaz 4320 Road wheels
RE35-464 BTR-40 Canvas Cover
RE35-472 Stowage set for civilian staff cars
RE35-484 Stowage set for Pz.Kpfw. II early war period
RE35-491 Stowage box for Scammell S2VS
RE35-492 Sd.Kfz.8 Cooler Mask
RE35-496 Stowage set for Sd.Kfz 251C
RE35-513 M923 Big Foot wheels (Michelin X)
RE35-517 Renault AHN wheels (Continental)
RE35-521 Wehrmacht Panhard 178 stowage set
RE35-523 Sd.Kfz.223 stowage set
RE35-550 Stowage set for CWT15
RE35-554 Road Wheels for GAZ-67 & BA-64
RE35-557 Sandbags armor for M18 Hellcat
RE35-559 M3 Bradley Roadwheels
RE35-563 Scammel Pioneer Road wheels (Goodyear)
RE35-598 C238 British ammo boxes for 75mm + 6pdr
RE35-606 Chevrolet C60 Road wheels (Firestone)
RE35-607 Stowage set for M8 "Greyhound"
RE35-686 Panther G Wooden Sapper Brückentafel
RE35-715 GAZ 2330 “Tigr” – Road Wheels
RE35-727 "Leopard" 1 MBT road wheels
RE35-738 Opel “Blitz” late road wheels (Commercial pattern)
RE35-755 Panther F cupola
1:35 Figuren
FI35-003 Waffen SS camo-overall Tankcrew Set
FI35-006 US Army Tankers in winter wear Set
FI35-018 German tanker early war period (1939-40)
FI35-021 German tanker close combat (1941-45) Set
FI35-026 British RAC officers North Africa set
FI35-027 Waffen SS tank officer winter wear #1
FI35-028 Waffen SS tank officer winter wear #2
FI35-035 Waffen-SS Normandy Set
FI35-047 British RAC tankers North Africa / Italy
FI35-055 German tanker winter trousers No.2
FI35-064 Waffen-SS Anorakanzug MG-42 ammo carrier
FI35-065 Waffen-SS Anorakanzug MG-42 Set
FI35-067 Waffen-SS Anorakanzug at rest No.2
FI35-080 Close combat Panzerknacker set
FI35-083 W-SS tank officer Kursk battle set
FI35-086 DAK tankers RK award ceremony set
FI35-090 W-SS tanker carrying fuel canister
FI35-093 US soldier in M43 Uniform #1
FI35-094 US soldier in M43 Uniform #2
FI35-096 DAK tanker loading ammo #1
FI35-097 DAK tanker loading ammo #2
FI35-099 German Panzerjacke turret crew Set (Pz.III/IV)
FI35-106 W-SS tankers loading ammo set
FI35-110 Achtung Jabo No. 1
FI35-112 Achtung Jabo Set
1:35 Rohrsets
GB35-006 Rh-M 120mm L55 Gun barrel for Leopard 2A6 & A7 MBT
GB35-007 Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" Ausf. D mantlet with KwK42 Gun
GB35-008 Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" Ausf. A/G mantlet with KwK42 Gun
GB35-009 Pz.Kpfw.V "Panther" Ausf. A/G strengthened mantlet with KwK42 Gun
GB35-012 76,2 mm L-11 Gun barrel for Soviet Tank T-34/76 m1940
GB35-015 T-34/85 early mantlet with D-5 gun
GB35-018 T-34/85 standard mantlet with ZiS-S-53 (Zavod 183) gun
GB35-021 T-34/85 standard mantlet with ZiS-S-53 (Zavod 183) gun
GB35-031 "Tiger" Strong Mantlet with KwK36 gun
GB35-033 T-28 & T-35 mantlet with KT-28 gun
GB35-041 M4 Sherman Mantlet with M3 Gun (late)
GB35-042 Jagdpanther II mantlet with KwK44 gun
GB35-044 Pz.Kpfw V "Panther" II mantlet with KwK42 gun
GB35-051 Pz.Kpfw VI "€King Tiger"€ late mantlet Henschel turret with KwK43/3 gun
GB35-053 Pz.Kpfw VI "King Tiger" mantlet for Porsche turret with KwK43/1 gun
GB35-060 Pz.Kpfw IV H/J mantlet with KwK40/L48 gun (early muzzle brake)
GB35-066 StuG III Ausf.G Topfblende mantlet with KwK40 gun (mid muzzle brake)
GB35-118 Flak43 Gun barrel with body for AA Gun
1:35 Ketten
TR35-002 Pz.Kpfw V "Panther" late tracks
TR35-004 Pz.Kpfw VI "Tiger" I tracks early type
TR35-010 Pz.Kpfw III/IV tracks type 3a
TR35-026 T34 500mm Waffle Pattern Tracks (Zavod 112)
TR35-036 M4A4 Sherman VVSS T-62 Steel Tracks
TR35-039 Pz.Kpfw IV/Jagdpanzer IV/StuG IV tracks type 7
1:16 Ketten
TR16-003 Pz.Kpfw VI "Tiger" I tracks early type
1:24 Figuren
FI75-001 W-SS tank officer - Kursk